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It is time to present our BestCustomWriting review. We wanted to do this review for quite some while, and now we are happy to let you know our experience with this writing service. So, before you order something from this company, take five minutes and check this article.

We will present all the important factors that you need to know before ordering a paper. We will take a look at the type of services this company offers, the quality of the writing, testimonials and the prices. We will even give a verdict. We think that every client deserves to know what to expect before ordering something.


Introducing BestCustomWriting

This is an essay writing service that focuses on academic writing like research papers, term papers, essays and other academic services. They also offer admissions essays, scholarship essays, theses and dissertation writing if that’s what you are looking for.

There are also editing services, which can come in handy if you already have a text and want to improve it.

The site has a simple design and describes every type of writing service it offers. It loads up fast, and it is easy to navigate through.

We searched for information regarding the writers’ experience, but we found nothing of the sort. We also checked the customer reviews only to find negative feedback. It seems that the clients are disappointed by the writing quality and responses from the writers.

We browsed BestCustomWriting’s website, and we found a couple of samples. However, they were not great. We found a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes in those papers. Even the style and the writing looked like they were done by a high-schooler. The samples were college-level research papers.


Testing the Writing Quality

It was time to experience what Best Custom Writing had to offer. We ordered a seven-page college level research paper and selected the longest deadline, fourteen days. We also sent a small set of instructions to see whether or not the writer will respect them.

The paper arrived on time, and even the instructions were respected, more or less. Unfortunately, the writing was anything but academic. There were a lot of mistakes, mostly grammar ones, and the resources used were not great.


The Prices

The prices are average. However, the low-quality writing made the costs unacceptable. Best Custom Writing does offer attractive discounts. We used coupon codes, and after a bit of research, we also managed to find a promo code.



Best Custom Writing has attractive prices and discounts. Even so, they are not worth the headaches that the lousy writing will give you. There is simply no excuse for what we received. We cannot recommend this writing service to anyone. This company receives a low rating because of the factors mentioned above.

If you are a student looking for quality writing, you won’t find it at The only good thing about this writing service is the fact that it isn’t a fraud or scam.

BestCustomWriting review