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We have tried many essay writing services throughout the years, and at some point we also tested Australianessay.

Australian Essay is a company that specializes in writing academic papers for Australian students of every level. So we decided to place an order and see what happens.

Of course, we had to go through the testimonials, compare prices and see if others had the same experience as us. If you want to find out what happened, continue reading the AustralianEssay review.

Placing the Order

We had a hard time thinking about the kind of paper to order, but we finally settled with a short essay about economics. The company respected our order and delivered the article in time, so kudos for that. The instructions were also respected, so they received two thumbs up.

Here is where it all goes down. The essay wasn’t formatted and structured academically. We said okay, we would let that one slide because we could edit those parts easily. But the problem got even bigger when we found out that the whole essay was poorly written and was full of broken English.

All these factors made this essay useless. I’ve seen a lot of academic papers in my life, even bad ones made by other essay writing companies, but this one takes the cake. Not an ounce of effort was put into it. It looks like if it was done for the sake of being done. Skip quality, go for the quantity and make a quick buck while doing so.

Of course, we wanted to minimize the damage by using discounts or coupon codes. Forget about it; the whole system was a mess. The site advertised something about a promo code, but we didn’t receive any. And that wouldn’t have been a problem if the prices were acceptable, but they were anything but that.

And to be honest, we should’ve read the customer reviews before placing an order. The rating on this site is so low that it doesn’t even surprise us. But wait, it gets worse. We wanted to contact the customer support to talk about the essay, the prices, and discounts.

The problem is that the number wasn’t from Australia or any headquarters from that country. It was a phone number that was connected to many writing sites listed as scams. Not surprising at all.

What the Site Says

The company advertises itself as one of the best around. Judging by how it looks, we could easily say that this site is a fraud or scam, and the customer support problem confirmed just that. It looks cheaply made, and the site contains texts written in broken English, just as the essays.

Before collaborating with any writing company, you must read any review you can find, check the customer feedback and see if the essay writing company has some years of experience in this domain. Getting ripped off is easy nowadays.


We don’t recommend using Stay away from that site, mention it to no one and if you hear someone placing an order on it, tell them the truth.

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