unreliable writing service

There are at least as many bad writing companies as there are good ones. While they’re quite easy to spot out, students don’t really have the time to do all the research. Quite from the contrary: they won’t help because the deadlines weigh heavily on their shoulders.

But if you don’t have the time to do the said research, then it’s your lucky day: I’ve got plenty of time because I’m more jobless than an Eskimo at the North Pole! Here we go. Brace yourselves.



writing elites review

Holy. Mother. Of. God. Elites. That’s a good one. For starters, they plagiarize their papers! Yes, that’s italicized. Stay away from it or move from the country. The quality of the papers is too bad to even be put into words.

The WritingElites prices are okay, lower than usual, but since the papers look like high school children have written them, it’s certainly not worth it.



Kibin review

Is it me or does the name of company sound like some antacid? No, it sure does. Grammatical errors galore, god-awful composition, citations used incorrectly – that’s what you’ll get from the antacid.

Customer support does not exist. Yay! There are no Kibin discounts! Double Yay! You should get a hint of my verdict: no good!



essaypro review

If this company is “Pro,” then there’s nothing much for me to do but finally admit: I’m the one who stabbed Cesar, not Brutus. There you have it. Take a look at the content on the company’s site: what IQ do you think the writer who wrote that has?

Is it equal to a rock’s, I’m telling you. Poor grammar, surreal EssayPro prices for the academic stew made with rotten ingredients that is a paper ordered from them and overall mediocrity. Not worth visiting the site, not to say hit the “Order” button.



bid4papers review

Apart from the fact that theirs is one of the ugliest sites I’ve ever seen, the quality of their papers falls into the very same definition, as well as the Bid4Papers prices. The writers aren’t even native English speakers. Again, the content on the site is fraught with grammatical errors and so are the papers the company provides to those students misfortunate enough to have given this any credit. Definitely not a company to work with.



evolutionwriters review

If you want catastrophic papers and getting into arguments when you confront the company for those papers, then, by all means, choose Evolution Writers. That’s exactly what you’ll get.

And if this weren’t enough, the writers miss the deadlines more often than not. It seems to me that EvolutionWriters have some evolution to do.

Concluding Remarks

Breathe, it’s over! These are just five companies that should disappear from the face of the Internet forever. Don’t make the mistake of contacting any of them, because, and trust me on this: you’re going to fail your exam big time!

There are several services that really deserve credit, and they’re not that hard to find either. Take your time and stay on the safe side.